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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Unfinished Business

After slogging for another 4 hours at the apartment today, the mirrors have all been fixed. Mirrors are from Ikea, 4 pieces per pack, and fixed vertically so that each room has a long mirror when joined together. We had to use 5 pieces each.
The curtains at the first bedroom have also been changed to a brown one, also from Ikea, because the earlier light-coloured one was no good at filtering light and heat. In the afternoon, the master room tends to get the strongest sunlight.The fridge has also been cleaned and an odour absorber put into each compartment.
The floor is mopped once more, and J put the finishing touch of a picture of Jackson Square, New Orleans, onto the wall above the dining table, to give the place a little touch of class. I bought the print in New Orleans in 2004, but I have never hung it up anywhere.
Only 2 major things left undone. J could not, despite his best effort, fix the retractable clothes hanger. He said his power drill is not powerful enough, it took him very long but the wall was very hard, he was unable to fix the support hooks which were very big. So 2 holes were left in the wall at the yard, and he gave up trying to fix it. I am looking for a handyman contractor who is able to do jobs like this. Someone with a powerful drill to put in the hooks effortlessly.
Another major thing to chase is the internet subscription for the apartment. Anie helped me apply since last month, but TM said there were not enough ports. And the worse part is, nobody at TM could tell me how long I have to wait! So much for an MSC status city....

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