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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shelf above the kitchen sink

I thought it is a very good idea to add a utility shelf above the kitchen sink unit. I bought the shelf from Ikea and chose a colour that's matching the cabinet below. For the shelf shoulders, I chose red to give the place a bit of colour.
So I ask my own Handyman, J, to fix the shelf. The task proved to be difficult because the walls were so tough. I tried holding the electric drill with J to lend him some strength, and really felt that the job was so tough. Minute after minute of drilling, the vibrations running through your hand muscles, and still making hardly a dent into the wall tile.
Finally the job was finished after 2 hours. Here is the result.
I like it!


  1. yes, the wall is so hard. last time i tried to drill for the curtain railing, i also gave up. at the end, i ask the electrician who was installing aircond do it for me...hehe.

  2. Anie you are really a Handygirl to do drilling by yourself!

  3. use impact drill laa