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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Full House at Neocyber Apartment

Following the last viewing today, my apartment rooms are now fully rented out to 3 tenants. All male, all young & all handsome, and all from different countries.
I am just glad that all went well, it took almost 2 weeks to fill the apartment. The 2 most urgent tasks were to buy the last wardrobe and the last mattress and these were accomplished today.
Now, only a few more things left to do, which includes to duplicate keys and fix mirrors in all rooms (by request of all my handsome tenants). But the major headache now is to fix the clothes line in the yard for the tenants to dry their clothing. Although I have bought a retractable metal clothes hanger, J is still puzzling over how to fix it. Not to mention that the length is too long and he has to saw off the 3 metal bars to fit into the yard. It looks like a major task, and we'll have to solve it by tomorrow, as all the tenants are moving in next week.


  1. Hi Haruki,
    Nice reading your blog. I owned a unit in Domain4, which to be ready soon. Do you have any good tenants or agents to recommend? Thanks!!

  2. IpohMari, tenants at Domain are usually found by posting in websites such as Mudah and ibilik.my. The agents will also call you after you have posted your ad. For an agent, I recommend my blogger friend at http://www.propertywaltz.com/2014/07/real-estate-negotiators-registration.html. She owns units in Domain herself so she is well-experienced and may be able to help you. Good luck!