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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Manila Work Trip

I am here in Manila for 6 days for a company training, and this is my first time.  The only day that I get some free time is on Sunday before my training course starts, and I spent it wandering at the Intramuros.
Makati CBD area

View of a colourful Jeepney from our taxi

Horse cart at Intramuros


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Singapore Trip Day 2

Day 2 is spent fully at Universal Studios, although it certainly is difficult with Baby Xin in tow.  The highlight of the park is the Human vs Cylon roller coaster.  I wanted Wei to ride it to get a taste of roller coaster, and he gamely complied.  So, J stayed behind with Yuan and the baby.

When we got on the Cylon roller coaster, shoes off, all buckled up, he asked me, "Mom is it really alright?"
I said, "Sure, it will be over before you even know it. If you are afraid, just close your eyes."

Before I knew it, the Cylon roller coaster shot up at full speed.  No going up the slope at an agonizingly slow pace like the traditional roller coasters.  When it was over, I cheered and said to Wei:: "Wow, that was awesome!" to lift his spirits in case he was scared.  He said, "I closed my eyes the whole time."
My brave, brave boy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Singapore Family Trip - 1st Day

The Sands at Marina Bay, Singapore
Friday morning,  we all got ready to go to LCCT, boarded Tiger Airways to Singapore. We were all excited, this was the first family get-away trip organized by J's company.  At LCCT we caught up with all the other families at McDonald's and waited patiently for our flight.
It was Baby Xin's first flight experience.  I got an infant seat belt and buckled her up on my lap belt. Luckily she was accustomed to being buckled up.
We arrived Singapore and checked in Marina Bay Sands.  It's really beyond my dreams that I would ever get to stay there.  Wei said the top of The Sands looked like an aeroplane crashed on top of the 3 towers.
The kids couldn't wait to go to the swimming pool, it was a very long infinity pool.  It was like "swimming in the sky", with the view of Singapore skyscrapers.
Already in swimming suits, the kids rushed to the swimming pool.

Infinity Pool of The Sands, it was crowded!
At night, we went for the Singapore River Cruise, which took us to our seafood dinner at Jumbo.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Raya and Merdeka Week-long Holiday

The past week has really been good, so many things accomplished and done, and things left undone.  Undone because I focused on the more important things and chose to ignore the less important ones.

Sunday 28/8: 
Joined a full day meditation course and focused on training the mind to being in the present.  Very grateful to have heard from and understood a little more about peace, contentment and practice.
J's sister and her kids arrive at our house for a little holiday reunion.

Monday 29/8:
Took time to visit my old aunt with my mom and sister, spending time with the people who matter in my life.
Watched "Horrible Bosses" movie at Wangsa Walk with J, just the 2 of us, at night.  

Tuesday 30/8: 
House cleaning with J, while the kids enjoy a day of swimming.  Screened potential tenants for an apartment.

Wednesday 31/8:
Kids and cousins visited Batu Caves as a local excursion trip, while I spent time with Baby.
Completed apartment rental transaction safely.

Thursday 1/9:
J's sister's family went back to Penang after our dim sum lunch.  
Kids spent the afternoon at revision and reading.
After dinner, took kids to Ikea for their favourite session at Smaland.
At Ikea, bought a kitchen sink unit at the irresistable price of RM15.90 (normally RM90).
Bought for what?  We do not know, but since we like doing up houses, it's bound to be used one day.
Wei sprained his toes at Ikea Smaland.

Friday 2/9:
Car refused to start early in the morning, when Wei and I both had our dental appointment.
Called for a taxi to take us to the the dentist, and called for the breakdown service to send a replacement car battery. Completed dental sessions just in time, despite being late.  T
Returned home by taxi, where the mechanic has arrived and waited with the new battery.
Battery replaced.  Mom arrived to take Wei to see a Chinese tabib for his sprained foot.
Went to office, completed some work.
Went to the bank, and to the apartment management office to complete resident registration for my new tenants.
Went to Gas Malaysia office in Desa Pandan for gas connection.
Came home to find Wei playing with Grandpa's unused wheelchair, called him young Professor X, which he enjoyed despite having his foot wrapped up in a bandage.

Saturday 3/9:
Took Wei to his tuition session in the wheelchair, he was both thrilled and embarrassed.
My pampering facial session and grocery shopping.
Watched Harry Potter movie with the kids at home.

Sunday 4/9:
Relaxed at home in the morning. then went for an education session on multi-currency loans to increase my knowledge about investments.
Dinner with family by the riverside restaurant.
Wei's foot improved a lot.
Kids read books at quiet time just before bed.

All in all, a great week, with much accomplished and a lot of rejuvenation.