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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Singapore Trip Day 2

Day 2 is spent fully at Universal Studios, although it certainly is difficult with Baby Xin in tow.  The highlight of the park is the Human vs Cylon roller coaster.  I wanted Wei to ride it to get a taste of roller coaster, and he gamely complied.  So, J stayed behind with Yuan and the baby.

When we got on the Cylon roller coaster, shoes off, all buckled up, he asked me, "Mom is it really alright?"
I said, "Sure, it will be over before you even know it. If you are afraid, just close your eyes."

Before I knew it, the Cylon roller coaster shot up at full speed.  No going up the slope at an agonizingly slow pace like the traditional roller coasters.  When it was over, I cheered and said to Wei:: "Wow, that was awesome!" to lift his spirits in case he was scared.  He said, "I closed my eyes the whole time."
My brave, brave boy.

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