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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rings - Lost and Found!

A note of gratitude to thank my lucky stars that I have found back what I lost.  Yesterday I went to do my regular facial session, and stupidly put my anniversary ring and my gold ivy ring into the bathrobe pocket.
The anniversary ring was just bought this year, and the gold ivy ring was a birthday gift from my hubby J on the year we graduated.
And then, after that, I changed back into my own clothes and forgot all about them.
I didn't even remember anything until about 6pm, 5 hours later!
Then I quickly called up the center, and they said all the bathrobes had been sent to the laundry!  I nearly fainted.  They promised to call the laundry person to look for them.
About 45 minutes later, I got a call back.  The rings were found!
But they can only deliver to the center today evening on their regular laundry collection rounds.  So I went there after work, and got my rings back.  So very thankful for the lost and found!  Thank you to the honest people who helped return things to their rightful owner.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Books Warehouse Sale

The problem with me is that I cannot resist buying books. I have forever unread books, but that doesn't stop me from buying.  OK, I am making a resolution to read every night, even if it is a small bit of a chapter everyday.
Today I finally take the kids to "sapu" books from the MPH warehouse sale.
The kids chose Big Nate and Enid Blyton books, while some of my selections are here.

Hopefully I will be able to finish these in the not too distant future.