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Friday, February 15, 2013

Kidzania Visit - Kai!

Wei and Yuan have been bugging me to take them to Kidzania for the longest time, and finally I took them today.  I wanted to choose a day when it was not really a national school holiday, and yet my kids were off school this week.  Also I am thankful to be able to utilize a voucher that I got from the Curve during a shopping spree, which gave me a 10% discount if I buy at the counter.

Lining up to deposit their hard-earned Kidzania currency
As they are old enough, I let them in unsupervised at 10am and came back to fetch them at 5pm.  They had varied experiences.  Yuan practiced being a HitzFM DJ and Wei was a judge, a TM employee and a CSI investigator among other things. At the end, they decided to deposit their earnings of the day into the Kidzania CIMB instead of spending them, hoping to cash them out on another visit.

Monday, February 11, 2013

CNY 2nd day 2013

CNY 2nd day and J is bitten by some hardworking bug - he wanted to finish furnishing our computer room, which we had turned into a sleeping room for Wei and family study room.
We bought the 2 Snille swivel chairs, along with the cheaper cushions to make the chairs cosy.  And the 2 Ikea Lagra lamps that hangs from under the loft bed with LED bulbs (4.3W, at RM33.90 each.)  Here is the outcome after the installations.

Ikea Snille Chairs at the 2 desks under the loft bed

The desktop by the bookshelf which is filled with books
A note about Wei, who just turned 11 end of last year, but looks big and tall.  He could not get into the Ikea Smaland play area anymore.  Instead this time, Yuan and Baby Xin, who is already 3 years old, went in this time.  Wei was quite devastated because he did not expect not to be let in after not being in there for so long.
Although he looks big, he is still a small boy at heart.
Lazy the Snake on its owner's bed

So he had to go into Ikea with us the adults instead.  For this CNY, we bought him that Ikea red snake soft toy to cheer him up.  We named the snake Lazy, teasingly after its owner (which he protested, but the name stuck).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thank you Celcom

When I converted the corporate handphone line back to personal line, I had to choose 1 of the many packages available.  Since I wasn't working anymore, I chose the simplest voice and SMS package at RM48 per month.  Little did I know that the old iPhone that I was using actually uses data line when the cellular data is turned on.
My first bill came up to a whopping RM320+ because the data that was used hit the maximum monthly cap at RM250.  So I called the Celcom careline to request for a waiver, since I had used a little data without knowing that the data costs was so exorbitant without the data package plan.  I was asked to email an officer and thankfully, after a week, was able to get a one-time waiver of the RM250!
Thank you Celcom!  Now I am a satisfied customer and I feel much better about upgrading my package with Celcom when I start work later.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Errands Day

Wow I completed quite a number of tasks today.
First I went over to the new company to collect my offer letter, then to do my medical check up.  I was fasting from last night so by the time I finished I was really hungry.
Then to Harvey Norman to claim the free antivirus software that they promised in lieu of the cash rebate that they didn't give me for my Windows 8 upgrade.
Then to Ikea to choose a suitable lamp for our revamped computer room cum Wei's room.
J installed it later in the night. We chose the LED light bulb which costs RM33.90 but only consumes 4.3W power, it also emits less heat and is longer lasting.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Catch Up Blogging

On Dec 17, 2012, I stopped working at the company that I was at for 6 years.
It came to a point where I decided that resigning, without a job, was actually better than going through unhappiness on a daily basis.  And from then on until today, I've been in a blissful, wonderful break.
So many things happened and so many things I did, but I was unable to move ahead with my blog, paralyzed in time while I collect my thoughts.
And so this is a catch up post, where now I put back, retrospectively, all the events and things I did that I am most grateful for!
Sunset at Aonang Beach, Krabi

Dec and January have been good and I hope that in the advent of a new job, coming soon after the Chinese New Year break, that I will continue to keep being grateful for the little and big things in life, especially my supportive family and friends.  Thank you!