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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thank you Celcom

When I converted the corporate handphone line back to personal line, I had to choose 1 of the many packages available.  Since I wasn't working anymore, I chose the simplest voice and SMS package at RM48 per month.  Little did I know that the old iPhone that I was using actually uses data line when the cellular data is turned on.
My first bill came up to a whopping RM320+ because the data that was used hit the maximum monthly cap at RM250.  So I called the Celcom careline to request for a waiver, since I had used a little data without knowing that the data costs was so exorbitant without the data package plan.  I was asked to email an officer and thankfully, after a week, was able to get a one-time waiver of the RM250!
Thank you Celcom!  Now I am a satisfied customer and I feel much better about upgrading my package with Celcom when I start work later.

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