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Monday, February 11, 2013

CNY 2nd day 2013

CNY 2nd day and J is bitten by some hardworking bug - he wanted to finish furnishing our computer room, which we had turned into a sleeping room for Wei and family study room.
We bought the 2 Snille swivel chairs, along with the cheaper cushions to make the chairs cosy.  And the 2 Ikea Lagra lamps that hangs from under the loft bed with LED bulbs (4.3W, at RM33.90 each.)  Here is the outcome after the installations.

Ikea Snille Chairs at the 2 desks under the loft bed

The desktop by the bookshelf which is filled with books
A note about Wei, who just turned 11 end of last year, but looks big and tall.  He could not get into the Ikea Smaland play area anymore.  Instead this time, Yuan and Baby Xin, who is already 3 years old, went in this time.  Wei was quite devastated because he did not expect not to be let in after not being in there for so long.
Although he looks big, he is still a small boy at heart.
Lazy the Snake on its owner's bed

So he had to go into Ikea with us the adults instead.  For this CNY, we bought him that Ikea red snake soft toy to cheer him up.  We named the snake Lazy, teasingly after its owner (which he protested, but the name stuck).

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