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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Playing Board Games

Today I learnt that my boss, a successful career woman, also plays games with her kids at home. Board and card games such as Pictionary, Monopoly, Taboo, Boggle etc.
I, too have 3 games that I bought for my kids: Monopoly, Uno and Mastermind. In my often busy schedule, I neglect and dread to play these board games with them. When they ask me to play with them, I always ask them to play by themselves. I am much too impatient and am always busy doing one thing or another, either household chores or on my computer.
But after today, I am changed. I am afraid that one fine day, the kids won't ask me to play anymore. And that day will come very soon, before I know it. I made up my mind to play a game with them once a week. Today I started to play Mastermind - 3 rounds. I taught them about logical thinking and making educated guesses. I didn't even know they actually didn't know how to play the game even though they've often played by themselves.
I think I'll start with Mastermind and Uno. I don't think I can handle Monopoly yet, the game takes too long and I would be too impatient. Monopoly, I'll leave that to their dad. Later, maybe we'll progress on to Scrabble, Taboo and Pictionary. And I hope that I would be remembered as a mom who played board games by my kids when they grow up.
Post-note: 16 Sept 2010, Yuan read this blog and told me: Don't worry Mommy, I would always want to play games with you. I am so touched.

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