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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Curtain Problem

The apartment at Cyberjaya has very unusual windows. This is especially true for the first bedroom, so that most standard curtains would not be long enough to cover the full-length windows. In fact, I saw many apartments with curtains that were hanging halfway, unable to reach all the way to the bottom. As the apartment came with curtain railings, I did not wish to change the railing and thought about how I could get curtains to fit without having to ask for them to be custom-made.
So I went to our friendly neighbourhood store, Ikea, to look for solutions. And I found them!
Ikea has these little curtain crocodile clips with hooks. Using these wonder clips, I was able to fit a pair of Ikea curtains that I bought earlier (these were fitting the rod railing, not the hook type), and voila, problem solved with minimal costs.


  1. ikea curtain has the size of our doain window? walla.. i heard there are ikea sale now.. how cheap the items are?

  2. Ikea curtains are very long, even for 2-panel windows. Only problem is for sliding doors, you will need 3 or 4 pieces (2 pairs). But the curtains are usually for rod railing (no hooks needed, just slide the top hem through the rod). With the crocodile clips, it doesn't matter what type of curtain, just clip and hook into the roller railing. But the crocodile clips costs RM19 for 24 pieces, no discount! Mahal......
    If I visit the Ikea sale, I will end up buying a lot of things, whether needed or not ;-)

  3. hahaha.. i think we have the same ikea-unplanned-buying sindrome.. hahaha