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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Handyman Fixed All

I took leave today to go and settle the unfinished business. I went to Cyberjaya a little early to go to TM to settle the internet problem. I was told the same thing, there are not enough ports, and I have to wait, but they don't know how long. I asked to be given information, if they can give me a timeline, say 1-2 months, I could wait; if it's going to be 6 months, I might as well sign up with their fierce competitor, P1 Wimax. The officer said, "Terpulanglah...." (Up to you.) She said she cannot promise because this is the problem to be solved at their technical department, and sometimes they don't respond. So, no luck there. I am disappointed, to say the least.
Then I went to the Domain. As I was early, I went to the 3rd floor to explore the landscaped garden. It actually look quite good, but I would really like more trees.

At almost 3pm, the handyman with whom I had scheduled an appointment arrived. I needed help to fix the clothes hanger.
In less than 30 minutes, the handyman fixed the retractable clothes hanger in the yard with his power drill. Ta-daa!
The clothes hanger is fixed high almost above the door, so that the door can be closed even when there are clothes hanging on it. I tried it afterwards, and it worked. This is the solution to the limited space in the yard for the washing machine and for drying.

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  1. wah.. akrom did a brilliant work!
    hm.. i thought go to tmpoint at least will give us a better hope.. :(