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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kitchen Sink Unit

J and I were torn between leaving the old aluminium sink as it was, or replacing it with the Ikea kitchen sink unit with cabinet that we've bought. At first it didn't look like it would fit very well, what with the big 2-door fridge that we have lined up at the same kitchen area.Then today, J, my renovator and construction worker, decided that he would move the fridge to the living room area, and fix up the Ikea sink unit.My gosh, the job took almost 5 hours. First of all the cabinet at the bottom was very difficult to fix, even with precision tools and all. Secondly, one piece went missing among all the mess, so much so that we thought we had left one piece behind. Then, just as J was giving up, the piece resurfaced, and he was able to complete it.Poor J, he even cut his finger trying to fix this thing. And both of us were so hungry because it took so long to finish. What was I doing all this while? I was cleaning all the windows and the sliding door. Inside and outside. That was no fun too.
Here's a pic of the fridge moved to the living room side. I guess it looked alright, perhaps my tenants would like to get cold drinks while watching tv - like the World Cup.
Sigh - my poor Germany....

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