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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Murphy's law

1st July was the day I planned with J to move the furniture items that we've bought into the Cyberjaya apartment. We planned to start the day early at 9am,with a lorry service to pick up items from 2 places. My brother had given me some furniture, and I've also managed to buy most of the items from another expat leaving the country.
9.30am, and still no news from the lorry driver. After calling, I managed to get the lorry driver's partner, but even he couldn't contact his friend. He went MIA completely. So no lorry at 9am. Then after making some frantic calls, the partner managed to get a replacement lorry, but only at 2pm. So we had a little change of plans, instead of collecting the items from 2 places, that lorry was to go straight to the expat's home and pick up the stuff there first, then straight to Cyberjaya. Things from my brother's old house would have to wait.

Finally we reached the apartment at about 4pm. Even after settling all the minor hiccups of the lorry driver not being the same person and the lorry having a different plate number, another major thing went wrong. The bunch of keys of the apartment was missing the Solex lock key that I added. So all the furniture were there, but we were unable to move them into the apartment.

All the big items were all lined up at the corridor. The smaller and long items were all "thrown" into the apartment through the grill door. J went back to our house to get the darned lock key. I waited outside with all the furniture, for almost an hour. It was no fun. Luckily our apartment is close to the end of the corridor, so we weren't blocking any passerbys.

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