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Friday, July 2, 2010

Continuing work at Cyberjaya apartment

Last night we managed to get another replacement lorry to take the 2nd lot of stuff from my brother's house, and it was delivered this morning. The lorry driver this time is trustworthy, I had left the stuff overnight in his lorry. We got off to an early start today, however, this is the day the aircond contractors were coming for the 3 units installation. It started from 10am and only ended at about 5pm, after which I was left to clean up the mess with J.
Rohaniah, my blogger friend, came to visit at about 6pm. She brought me a piece of curtain for the 3rd bedroom which was unusually narrow and long, and she had it custom-made. The house was still in a terrible mess, and she even helped J put up the Ikea dining table and the white open wardrobe, in her baju kurung and all ;-)
This is the table that Anie helped to put up.
So at the end of today, we actually did very little. The worst part was cleaning the ceiling fans, with that thick layer of oily dust.
Work to be continued tomorrow (Saturday).


  1. hahaha.. the baju kurung spoilt the day. if i wore tshirt, surely i can show you my talent.. hehehe

  2. Anie,in your baju kurung you are already a terror!