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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inspiration by Leonard Chua

Here I make a short post about my gratitude of having the chance to meet and listen to Leonard Chua.
When I heard the title "Motivational Talk" at my company's session, I groaned inwardly.  I was afraid to be wasting my time if the speakers are not good.  Besides that, when Leonard was making his appearance, people were already giving him a standing ovation, but I did not see why he deserved it.  Then I realized that they were all clapping while standing not because they really know him, but because he entered the room in a wheelchair. You see, Leonard is paralyzed from chest down, and he is only 30.

Leonard is not a motivational speaker to me.  I think he is more of an inspirational speaker.
You can read all about him in this article in The Star, A Model Life. He shared about how to have confidence, courage and beat all the odds even though life is so hard.  He taught us not to take life for granted, to do all the things that we set our heart to do, to dream, and to make things happen.  All the small things that sometimes make us so frustrated, after listening to him, becomes so petty and can be forgotten.  What is amazing to me is that instead of being handicapped and a burden to society, he sets his heart at contributing to society.
At the end of the talk, I shook his hand and said to him: "Thank you, and keep up the good work!"

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