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Friday, January 28, 2011

Goals for 2011

I know that January is almost ending, and I have yet to put into action some of the plans that I said I would make this year. However I am thankful to come across this newsletter, which I would post the contents here to remind ourselves what sort of goals we should pursue.

Below excerpt from Daniel Scocco's newsletter.

2011 just started, and as usual people are setting new goals and 
making resolutions. But are you setting the right goals? Below
I'll talk about 3 goals I consider particularly important.

GOAL 1: Learn new things

If you want to stay competitive, regardless of your field and
profession, you should always be learning new things. And I am not
talking about opening a magazine and learning about what is going
on in Egypt or how many calories a hamburger has. I am talking
about learning new technical things related to your field.

If you work full time on the Internet, for example, you could set
the goal to learn one or more of the following things in 2011:

-HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SEO, PHP, MySQL, Apache 

 GOAL 2: Move closer to your ideal lifestyle

One of the things that certainly adds to our happiness is living 
a lifestyle that we like. This includes things like living in a city
you like, sleeping/working during the times you like, having the 
flexibility to make the activities you like and having the time to
spend time with the people you like.

In fact many people consider this more important than money. So 
instead of aiming to make as much money as possible in 2011, aim
to get closer to your ideal lifestyle. 

 GOAL 3: Work on projects you love and are proud of

We all need to work on stuff we don't particularly love to make 
the ends meet. That is fine. Over time, however, you should be
gradually doing fewer of those "pay the bills" projects and more
projects in areas you really love, doing things you'll be proud of.

Getting this started is really easy. You could simply dedicate one
hour of your nights to working on such a project, and as it grows
you start putting more work on it. 

If you pursue these 3 goals I am sure you'll end 2011 in great shape! 

 Best wishes for this new year,
Daniel Scocco
My Goal #1: Learn more about property investments and doing it right.
Yuan's work, created Mar 2010, 6+ years old.
My Goal #2:
I use one of Yuan's pictures drawn with "Paint" to remind myself to live a lifestyle that includes spending more time with my babies, playing with them, encouraging them and teaching discipline.
Exercise twice a week with J to keep healthy.

My Goal #3:
Work at home interiors - whether it is my own home or my rental properties. Contribute my time to my Sunday Class projects at the temple. Work at updating my blog regularly, and support & promote children's projects.

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