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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2000-2010 The Decade That Was

This entry is inspired by a friend who said I should write about the decade that was, and the meaningful happenings in my life.  And I thought this was a great idea.

The new millennium began.
The year I got rid of eye-glasses by going through the pioneer version of Lasik.  Why did I do it - because I was getting complications from wearing contact lenses.  It was a good move, till today, superb vision.
Mom and Brother bought an apartment, and all of us moved in once completed.
Also the year J and I got married.  A decade ago....

Pregnant with Wei, running around as a sales rep.  Did lots of walking.  Won the best rep for the quarter and drove company's BMW for 3 months.  For Baby Wei, the first car he ever sat in was a BMW.

Promoted to sales manager because my boss left the company. Learnt to manage people for the first time.
In October, moved to become brand manager - no need to manage people, just mould the product.  And influence people to buy your marketing tactics.
Rented out my first apartment.

J, Baby Wei and I moved into our own apartment which is just 2 blocks away from Mom's place.
Intensive 20-days training in Singapore under the Asian Institute of Management, which was no joke because it involved slogging day and night. Emerged 1 of 3 best students.
Pregnant with Yuan.  Attended my first conference in Vienna.
Visited Salzburg, well known as the birth place as Mozart.


Backpacking trip with J and Wei (then 3 years old), and 3 other friends to Japan for 2 weeks because a friend was working and living there. Visited Universal Studios and my childhood dream place - Disneyland (Tokyo).   Went on lots of trains and on foot, with a stroller in tow.

Wei entered kindergarten at 4 years old. Baby Yuan was sent to the nursery downstairs as the babysitter got ill and was unable to continue to care for her.
Trip for J and I alone to Shanghai. Visited Q, the same friend in Japan who had now moved to Shanghai.
Baby Yuan's first flight onboard a plane.  She celebrated her 2nd birthday in Singapore, where we "tumpang" with another friend in her HDB flat.

Launched a new product for the very first time and gained valuable experience at work.
Travelled to Singapore so very often as the boss was now located in Singapore.
Family trip to Korea, with Wei, Yuan, and my mom.
At the end of the year, resigned from my first job, after 8 years of being with them.

Started a new career in current company, travelling 70km (2-ways) everyday as the company was located far away.  Learnt new skills under a new boss.
Yuan entered kindergarten.
Sent to Sydney and Hong Kong for training.
At the end of the Hong Kong meeting, J arrived bringing with him our 2 kids.  We took the chance to visit Disneyland HK, smack right in the middle of summer.  It was hotter than in KL. We ended up using all the indoor rides and facilities (with aircond).
End 2007, company moved to PJ, cut short my travelling time ;-)

Launched new product in current company, which turned out to be a success.
Wei entered Std 1.
Bought a second-hand piano for Wei to start lessons.
Trip with Wei and Yuan to Bangkok & Khao Yai, where we stayed with the friend from Singapore who was now working in Korat.

Due to the company's success last year, we were awarded with an incentive trip to Sydney.
Promoted to marketing position after working hard for a conference in April.
Took on the post of managing managers which is what I am still learning.
Purchased our house in Kepong for moving in, but later found out I was pregnant again, so we rented it out.
Purchased Cyberjaya apartment for rental after reading Property Jewels and doing some research (mostly reading Anie's blog lah...)
Backpacked in London with J while 7 months' pregnant, because we bought Air Asia earlier and couldn't cancel.  Everything went well.

I only count my blessings.
Yuan started Std 1.
Blessed with Baby Xin whom I think is the sweetest little baby in town.

Sold our old Iswara because J got his company car.
Started blogging on my last day of maternity leave, making this blog my gratitude journal.
Rented out Cyberjaya apartment and SD Tiara apartment.
Finished paying instalments on my car.
Company started work-from-home option 1 day of every week.
Visited Chengdu on family trip.
A very good year indeed ;-)

All in all, an exciting decade.  J and I look forward to this new one!


  1. what a very exciting, adventure and thrilling decade. may success comes from all angles for you and your family.

    but all the korea, HK, shanghai trip make me so jelous la..

  2. Thanks Propertywaltz! You will soon be experiencing your own travels and then I'd be jealous!