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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Xin's 1st Birthday

  It is hard to imagine that one year ago, I was lying at the hospital bed and Baby Xin was this tiny, wrinkly little thing that cried like a little cat. Today she reached her first year milestone.  We had a mini celebration for her, but I think that Wei and Yuan enjoyed it most because they get to eat the chicken nuggets, tuna sandwiches and drink the fruit juice.  Baby Xin got nothing but plain bread, milk and one mouthful of cake (a symbolic birthday gesture).
After the Happy Birthday song, we encouraged Baby Xin to blow out the candle. She responded by using the  cake knife to knock out the candle instead.


  1. hahaha.. new technique.. blow cake for baby.. hahaha
    btw, baby xin is so cute!!

  2. she's so chubby and cute!! feel like pinching her :P Happy Birthday to you lil girl!!!

  3. Thanks, both! She looks like an angel but she is quite a handful now.

  4. Hi emi, thanks for dropping by. Good luck in your assignments.