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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ok, ok guys and girls, those of you who have been waiting for me to post the pictures of my costume - well, you've got to wait a bit longer.  Because Yours Truly had forgotten to bring a camera to the occasion and is now depending on other people to send me the photos.  Hopefully they won't forget.
Let me describe the masquerade ball.  You know what all my colleagues did? They just went in their normal dinner clothes and wore masks!  Arghh, I feel so silly for taking the trouble to rent my costume.  It turns out I really was the only one who honoured the true spirit of Masquerade.
But I am still grateful for the help of one of my colleagues, C, who helped me modify the headress.  The headdress was really "cacat", maybe it was too big for my head. So we removed the thick, blue band from the organza veil and pinned the veil to my hair instead.  Desperate times call for improvisation.
If I get any nice pictures of the ball from my colleague, I will add the photo here, hehehe....

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