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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bed Upgrade for Baby Xin

Baby Xin has outgrown her baby playpen cot that she has been sleeping in for the past 1 year.  The cot was actually a hand-me-down when I had my first son, so altogether 6 babies had slept and used it, and it is probably 17 years old.  Good old sturdy playpen cot.
But Baby Xin is big now and can climb out of it - onto my bed which is next to it.
Baby Xin wears boys clothes reminiscent of her brother's era, but has a hairpin to show she's a girl.
So we restored the Ikea cot-convertible-to-child-bed, and now Baby Xin sleeps in a bigger cot.
Ikea convertible cot that we bought for Wei, 3 babies have now slept in it.
 Somehow, I feel a bit of nostalgia over this milestone, when we dismantled and stored the playpen cot away. Time flies....

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