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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Appraisal and Feedback

Before I met my current boss, I always thought appraisals and feedback were just something that has to be done without any real meaning to it.  Sure, an employee may have done well for the year, so you give him a pat on the back on the year end appraisal. And then you go through the motions of asking what are their career plans etc, and decide on some training they could go for the year.
However, my impression changed when I met my boss.  She took appraisals and feedback really seriously.   I even had a multi-rater feedback (which was a feedback form sent to colleagues and peers) to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses.
So here is a list of room for improvement that I have to take note of:
1. Setting clear directions and vision so that the team could drive towards that
2. Keep cool under stress
3. Exude greater presence during management meetings
4. Clear communication on support expectations - i.e how much time I could dedicate to supporting which portfolio
5. Field presence and interaction with customers
6. Give personal touches to the subordinates - don't cut to the chase all the time.  Respond to personal touch emails, such as when your boss or subordinate gives you a thank you email.
7. Work-life balance
I am grateful to my boss for an objective evaluation and identify certain action points that I can make to improve myself.  I think every employee and boss owes it to themselves and their colleagues to conduct meaningful appraisals, making it practical so that the person could make changes for the better.

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