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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Costume Dinner on Friday

This coming week beginning Tuesday, we are going to be in intensive planning meetings.  I am only glad that these meetings happen only twice a year.  While we are busy with the preparations, something looms at the back of my mind that I've not prepared for.  The Annual Dinner & Dance this coming Friday night and the theme is Masquerade.
This is a common enough theme, but it means that I have to find time to get the costume and mask.  And after you find the costume and mask, you worry what to do with your hair and what shoes to go with it. Wahhhh...I wanted to cry, I don't have time for this, and yet I don't want to end up the odd one out at the dinner who is not in costume.  Annual dinner affairs at my company are very elaborate and people take things seriously.  Those who do not dress according to the theme, will be called to the stage to perform entertainment for the rest.
The other thing is this:  I don't want to overdo it either.  Asian faces will not fit elaborate costumes, it will be so weird.  And I don't want to spend a fortune on this.
Last year the theme was beach party.  So easy.  Just grab some Bermuda shorts and t shirt, beach pareo, etc and voila!  You don't even need to do the hair and can easily wear sandals.  And I missed that dinner because I was on maternity leave.
So today I took time to go to this costume rental shop in Sri Hartamas where they have rentals at reasonable prices.  The only problem is I may not find my size and the type of costume that I want.  However, I made a resolution to keep it to 30 minutes for the whole affair of choosing and renting.
I tried 2 themes, medieval lady or Arabian.

Image from http://medievalfancydresscostumes.co.uk/
Image from http://www.funwarehouse.co.uk

Okay, of course the costumes are not as beautiful as these images - lah!  I gave up on Arabian because I don't like the idea of exposing my tummy, haha, no toned abs to show off.  The medieval costume is conservative and a bit loose for me, but it will have to do. The good thing about the shop is that they also provide the mask and the headgear.  It was supposed to be for 2 days, but I explained to the lady owner that I will be stuck in long meetings everyday and will never be able to come collect the costume another day before it closes at 7.30pm.  So she let me take them today at no additional charge!  What a kind lady.   I will recommend this shop to anyone ;-)
I achieved my mission in 35mins, and headed home.  The other 2 headaches are the hair and the shoes right?  So I googled up the images up for medieval lady and what did I find - no need to do hair at all!  Just wear it untied.  And the shoes?
Image from http://www.avenue7.com/Outfit
According to this image, it looks like normal sandals. Actually I think it doesn't matter because the dress is so long, the footwear cannot be seen anyway. So it looks like I have got my problem solved.
Coming up next: Actual photos of the costume I rented.  Don't be too disappointed, it's not as nice as the web images here ;-)  And it also depends on the actual person wearing them, right?

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  1. hahaha.. you will be nice wearing the costume.
    but dont forget to put the photos of the real model ya!