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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Updates on SD Tiara

The past 2 weeks had been a whirlwind of activities for both work and also fixing the apartment. There were just so many things to do, with one problem popping up after another. Finally today, the apartment is more or less settled, and the first tenant has moved into the master bedroom. Here are some pictures of the work.The living room completed, during the day and night (curtains installed).

The handymen installing a new fan with light, replacing the old flourescent lamp. It can get hot in the dining area without a fan.

The Dining area with a glimpse of the kitchen.

Coming soon in Part 2, the bedrooms ;-)


  1. wah.. now i starts to look like a condo

  2. but why tv cabinet dan coffe table mcm tak kena tema je.. tv cabinet style klasik, coffe table style modern dan kontemporari

  3. Anie, ada 2 cara menjawab:
    1. Design ni bertemakan "shabby chic" iaitu menggunakan konsep "minimalist". Perabotnya lama tetapi klasik serta memaparkan gaya persendirian. (Kelentonglah tu.)
    2. Perabot ni semua 2nd-hand, orang jual murah, aku rembatlah, biarlah tak kena tema asalkan jimat kos ;-)

  4. ok, i like the 2nd answer..
    the 1st one tu mmg obvious kelentong... hahaha