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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Replacement of Room Door Lock

While I was busy at work today, the tenant of the master room at The Domain called. He had accidentally left his room keys inside the room, and then locked the door. He asked if I could come and rescue him with a spare key.
And today of all days, I really cannot leave the house even after work, as I have to look after the kids while J is doing the finishing touches to the SD apartment. So I asked the tenant to go to the hardware store downstairs for help, see if they can do a lock replacement. He managed to do it and luckily the store was not closed yet.
Now, the question is, who should bear the costs of the new lock and replacement? The tenant has not asked me yet, but I will collect the spare keys from him one of these days and he might ask. Any of you experienced landlords out there can give your opinion?

Photo from Phoenix Locksmiths


  1. if it is because of their default, they should bear the cost. in this case, obvious it was their default.

  2. Sourplum, where have you been? Seems like you are reading a post 4 months late ;-)

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