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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Scam Alert

This time, even an advertisement for renting out rooms at my apartment has attracted a scam response. Here it goes:

I am a citizen of United States America,staying at Richmond,Virginia,staying at 1410 OAKHURST LANE APT#1 RICHMOND,VA 23224 and i want rent this apartment because am coming dawn to Malaysia for International Conference and which is going to take me 6Month do let know know the total package of the apartment and make sure you calculate it in USD$ and get back to me soon as possible so that i can make the payment via ECASH COMPANY here in USA that will deliver the money to your door step in Malaysia means ATM CASH CARD that you can use to withdraw the money in any bank in Malaysia using ATM MACHINE..and do get back to me with the attachment of the apartment to review. Nice Doing Business with you. Mrs Michele.

The best part is when I advertised, I specified it is for males only.
What kind of international conference will last for 6 months?
Again, I blocked the email as scam and deleted the email.


  1. From time to time I sell laptops via local ebay like site, and this morrning I got an email from person that claims that is resident of US staying at 1410 OAKHURST LANE APT#1 RICHMOND,VA 23224. I googled the address and bumped at your blog. These spamers should change the adress at least

  2. Hi Nedim, thanks for dropping by. It is good that they use the same modus operandi so that we can detect them.