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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Furnishings at SD Tiara Apartment

Continuing from my previous updates on SD Tiara, here are the pictures of the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet was put in years ago when we first got the keys to the apartment.
This time we only updated the wall shelf and the rod with hangers.
The previous tenant also left behind a water filter, so I just replaced the inner cartridge.

The master bedroom

The middle bedroom

The 3rd bedroom


  1. wah... condo ni sudah cantik. siap dgn kettle dan oven tu... how much you plan to rent it? it is so nice

  2. Anie, actually I have a higher loan interest rate to service since this was a loan taken almost 10 years ago. So I want to rent out by room, hoping to get positive cashflow. Per room is RM300 onwards, depending on negotiations. There are 2 empty rooms left, I hope to get the tenants soon ;-)