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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Final Race for 2010

At work, I am faced with the toughest challenge ever. Already behind our sales target for the year, our team is asked to not only deliver this quarter's target but also to catch up to some extent on the previous 9 months' shortfall. And yet I feel upbeat and positive about things.
That is because my boss, had forced me to run a business review with the team. I didn't want to hold the review at first because I thought it was a waste of time, the team would be better out in the field getting more sales instead of wasting 2 days at the office. However, the meeting proved to be very fruitful for us. We reviewed what we have been through so far, what had worked and what had not. Also, we emphasized the importance of still going the distance even if the task ahead seems so futile. Because if we throw in the towel now, we don't have a chance. But if we try, we still might hit something somewhere, even though we know we are far from our original target.
At the closing, my boss said something which really touched me. She said it to our team, who has taken a beating all year round due to poor sales performance. She said it despite the fact that we will not hit our original budget. She said, "Team, if you can show growth that is better than last year and give this all your might and do not give up, you can hold our chin up. And I will stand proud with all of you."


  1. You're lucky to have a boss who appreciates relative performance and not just absolute performance, especially in slow markets. Most bosses work on a black or white, you deliver or you don't attitude. Company owners love these types because they are assured of money but it has a hidden toll. I have actually seen a CEO carted away to a psychiatric ward because of it.

  2. Johan, yes I am thankful for her. At this stage I am hoping and praying that everything turns out alright in the end, the task ahead seems like eating the elephant and trying to swallow whole. But now we are biting and chewing into smaller pieces, I believe it is going to work!