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Friday, October 22, 2010

Internet application for SD Tiara

I applied for Streamyx internet broadband via the reseller at the SD Tiara apartment about 2 weeks ago. Last Saturday, the reseller informed me that they were unable to get into the application system for me because I have another telephone line pending. I was quite surprised, and when I dialled the 100 line, I was told that I still had a pending application in Cyberjaya.
I went to TM point on 3 separate occasions to settle the problem. The first time was on Monday lunch time to cancel the Cyberjaya telephone application. The 2nd time was on Thursday to try to apply for a new telephone line for SD Tiara because the reseller still couldn't get into the system, but there was such a long queue I gave up.
This morning (Friday) I arrived TM point early to be one of the first ones to get into the outlet which opens daily at 8.30am. There was already a queue formed outside the door.
When I got in and waited for my turn, I was told that the problem with Streamyx was there was no port again at SD Tiara, and same old story, they did not know how long we had to wait. So Unifi was introduced again, but this time no more free installation and unlimited downloads. Installation fees were RM200, to be billed in 5 monthly installments. And no more the good service that I experienced at the Domain (installation within 3 working days), now I was told I have to wait until Nov 15 before installation. I asked them why and they replied, "It's because of the high demand."
TM's philosophy, I think, is when you have good business, it's ok to sacrifice customer service. My tenant said he is getting used to the Malaysian culture of slow service.


  1. when high demand je, mesti kena slow ke? isk.. the problem is TM is monopoly. when can we stop the monopoly business here?

  2. TM does it. So does the rojak man, the bak kut teh man, the char koay teow man, those who enjoy a roaring business. I know one mee jawa hawker who tells off her customers for complaining about the long wait, and one coffee shop owner who threatened to chase out a customer who made a mistake when ordering drinks. I actually don't blame the hawker. I blame the people who keep going back to them despite the abuse. There are choices to streamyx. P1, jaring, digi to name a few.

  3. Anie, Johan
    Yes, I have thought about alternatives. However the other providers either have poor or no coverage to that area, or gives less value than TM. For example, TIME broadband has a 2MB fibre optic service for RM149, that is totally uncompetitive to TM Unifi's 5MB for the same price. I think the problem lies in our Malaysian mentality of accepting poor service as a norm in daily life (both provider and consumer). It's our "tidak-apa" attitude, or as one book (And the Rain my Drink) written in the 1950's by Han Su Yin named it, "tidapathy".

  4. Perhaps you can get your tenant to register with P1 or Yes, using their own account. Am using P1 ard SD, speed is quite good, they are running promotion last month, chck out their webpage.

  5. Great Lemon, thanks for the tip. Will check it out the next time I have another apartment to do up ;-)