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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Updates on my Domain apartment

In my previous post entitled Collecting the Keys to my Domain, I revealed that I had recently bought a rental property in Cyberjaya. After the keys collection, the developer was supposed to contact the existing tenants to inform them that future rental fees should be paid to the new owner (me) and to contact me directly. Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts from the developer rep, the tenants could not be contacted.
That was until last Tuesday when I got a call from a Botswanian girl who said she was the tenant in my apartment with 2 other girls. She explained that she had stayed there even though it was her brother and his friend who initially rented the apartment. The rep was trying to contact her brother through his old local mobile number, the SIM card of which he had lost, hence the inability to contact them at first. She wanted to meet with me, so we arranged to meet the next day.
It was a little weird as we sat down in the apartment that was now mine - J and I with the 2 Botswanian girls and an Iranian girl; housemates in the apartment. I expected the house to be bare, but they had actually furnished it quite completely. I did not wish to continue the tenancy as I would like time to furnish the apartment and then rent it out for higher rental fees. We negotiated because while they really would not want to move, I was not prepared to continue at the current terms. We worked on some options, and they said that they would need a week to decide on which option when the tenancy expires on 30th June 2010. As of now, I can only wait for their decision.
This was really unexpected, a lesson to keep in mind if you are buying a property with existing tenancy.

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