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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Of Shark's Fin & Bear Paws

I am proud to say my company has banned shark's fin soup from any company dinner event. It started with my Australian big boss who banned it on the spot when he accidentally tasted it at a function. You know Australians, they are big on environment issues.
Today I heard a radio program which focused on protecting the environment. The DJ said he discovered something which he would like to share with his listeners. Although many environmentalists advocate carpooling and reduction of car usage by using public transport etc, sometimes these changes are nearly impossible for us because it really takes too much effort. This is especially dependent on the public transport connections and the nature of our jobs - for example, if you have a sales job, then it would be very difficult to not take the car. However, choosing not to eat certain things does not take effort. The DJ shared a story about a University professor who visited the indigenous people in Thailand and was taken to see a bear cub that was captured. He thought it was very cute, and having little communication skills with the people, he thought that the bear cub will be nursed back to health and then released. A week later, when the professor returned to see the bear cub, it was only a carcass with no paws and no head. The head was a prize in someone's house. The rest went into the cooking pot. The professor was horrified. In this world, we humans still have so many things to eat. It's not as if there is a worldwide famine going on. Why go for endangered and exotic species and hunt them to death?
I found the story really touching and meaningful. Choosing not to eat exotic meats can help protect the environment, and it is something we can do with very little effort. I urge all of you who are reading this to take a stand, and make our world a better place.

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