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Friday, May 7, 2010

Wei's Saturday Schedule

Wei is always too busy on Saturdays. I feel guilty about this, however he and I have both accepted it.
First thing in the morning at 8.30, he has chess class at school. He gets home before 11am, and gets ready for the piano teacher. Unlike conventional piano lessons, this teacher does not encourage exams and grading, which is the way I like it. Just music appreciation and playing the piano for the love of music. After that, a quick lunch at 12pm, because at 1pm he attends tuition for BM karangan and Chinese essay writing for 3 hours. He goes to this tuition (at the next block to our home) in his swimshorts underneath his clothes and packs along a towel, flippers and a swimboard. That's because he has swimming lessons at the pool downstairs at 4pm.
I did try to reduce the number of activities for him on Saturday. Aside from the 3-hour tuition which is compulsory (as he was very weak in Karangan and Chinese essay), I told him he could drop any one of the others. This is what he said after some analysis: "I love chess and I really want to attend the classes. If I stop the piano lessons, then you would have wasted money buying the piano since nobody would play. And the swimming lessons, you said that if I were in an aeroplane one day and it fell into the sea, then at least I can swim to save my own life. So, I have to attend everything."
My boy, so rational and considerate. And so bought into my story of the aeroplane plunging into the sea and swimming away to save his life ;-)

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