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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's in a Platinum Card?

I just came home from meeting a client over drinks in Midvalley today. After discussing business, we talked about other trivial things, including the benefits of having a platinum credit card, which in my opinion is very few and far between.

After that, on the way to the carpark at Gardens, I passed by the washrooms beside Isetan. Thinking that I did not want to be caught in the traffic jam outside Midvalley with a full bladder, I decided to visit the washroom when I was stopped by a sign at the counter.

Premier Washrooms - RM5 per entry. ("What?!")
Free Entry for Holders of the Following:
Isetan card - ("I don't have...")
Robinsons card - ("Ok, I didn't bring...")
Platinum cards of any banks - ("Hey, I took it out today to call the bank to cancel it...")

And voila! I pulled it out of my handbag, showed it at the counter and walked right in.
And since I've forgotten to call the bank, I think I will keep the platinum card, and cancel the gold instead. What's in a platinum card? I didn't even apply for it, it was sent by the bank, and has a low credit limit. Maybe it should include this line as one of the benefits: "Free entry into the premier washrooms of Midvalley." ;-)

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