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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Collecting the keys to my Domain

I collected the keys to my unit at Neocyber Domain today. It is in my best interest to do so asap, as the unit is tenanted (rented out by the developer) before it was sold. So the rental is pro-rated to the remaining days of this month. I also collected the tenancy agreement which is reassigned to me.
As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I had to pay some fees before taking hold of the vacant possession (VP). This included the water and electricity deposit, advanced service charges, advanced sinking funds, insurance etc, which amounted to a hefty sum. The good thing of a tenanted unit is that, once the tenancy reassignment is completed, I will collect the 2+0.5 months rental deposit from the developer.
The tenancy expires 30 June 2010. When that happens I shall furnish the unit, in hopes of renting out at higher rental fees.
BTW, if you are thinking of buying Domain 2 or Domain 3, do contact me for the buyer get buyer program for commission sharing ;-). RM1000 for sharing!

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