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Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to the Grind

This morning I went back to work and found a huge basket of daisies, lilies, birds of paradise and forget-me-nots on my desk. It says " Welcome Back!" I nearly cried out in joy. Instead I called the department secretary - "Hi there! Who sent the flowers?"

"Who else?" she says. And I guessed correctly. My boss, the high standards-high expectations-no-nonsense lady, is also a darling when it comes to the little gestures.

So it is worth going back to work, dark eye circles and all. I was woken at 5 am by Baby Xin, nursed her for a while, and then went on to do the milk expression. At the end, she woke up again and I ended up feeding the expressed milk to her in a bottle. Hmmm..... might as well not express, I could have fed her directly. By the time I finished, it was too late to go back to bed.

Work started with 500 unread emails. By the time I finished the day, I still had 150 unread. And work ended with a meeting, late at 7.30pm too; so that I was late picking up Baby Xin from the babysitter. On the way home, I called my dear mom-in-law to help pick up Baby Xin, but she already did. I could hear her crying for milk. And Yuan took the phone to tell me that she's been wheezing today. Oh dear, what a day to go home late!

By the time I write this, Yuan is in bed after taking her inhalers, a montelukast tablet and an antihistamine syrup (we have all these at home). Baby Xin is being taken care by J for the last feed. I'm off to la-la land soon. Hope everything is ok in the morning.

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