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Sunday, March 28, 2010

2-week Checkpoint

It's been 2 weeks since I started work again. This is my new life after my 3rd child.
Wei and Yuan go to school in the morning and is taken care by their grandma (my MIL) when they come home. Baby Xin goes to her nanny. J sends her there as I always have to leave early to beat the traffic. And as I often work late, my dear MIL will bring the baby back home.
When I get home, the kids have finished their homework, had dinner and are usually watching TVIQ. Baby Xin will be snoozing contentedly and gets a feed when I have cleaned up and settled down. I get a little time on the computer, then gets ready for tomorrow. Sleeping at 10pm is a norm for me these days, so that I get enough rest for the night feeds and waking early at 6.30am.
Things are working out nicely at the moment. Next month I am planning to go back to my yoga class twice a week during weekdays. With the workload and the breastfeeding, yoga at the end of the day seems a little daunting now.
Tomorrow I will be at a short working trip to Penang. With good advice from Suzette, I think I know how to handle the breastfeeding while travelling as well. Well, I'm still at home now but already feel like I can't wait to be back already ;-)

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