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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to Yoga

I stopped my yoga classes after my 8th month of pregnancy, when I was too heavy and unable to do many of the moves comfortably. After having Baby Xin, there were 2 months of maternity leave and I wanted to recuperate. Finally today, I went back to yoga (Baby Xin is barely 3 months old).
It has been tough to make time to go. For one, my work commitment took up too much time since I went back. Many late nights, and by the time I get home, hardly enough time to say goodnight to the children. Thank goodness for hubby and my dear MIL.
Today I signed up for the 4-times per month session. I used to be able to go 8 times a month, but now I tell myself to not be so ambitious. It's a start and better than nothing. 1 solid hour of sweat and strength building and regaining lost elasticity, once a week. But for now, I feel like my leg muscles don't belong to me...

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