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Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Xin is growing

It always amazes me how babies grow so quickly and yet you don't notice it at all. In the first weeks, Baby Xin was so small she couldn't fit into the newborn clothes and the diapers in the smallest size. I remember the small skinny legs, the diapers that were oversized and the trouser leggings that were much too long. And Baby Xin was wrinkled, and when she cried she sounded like a kitten.
Now, she has outgrown the S size diapers. The trouser leggings fit perfectly. And the little shirts are getting a tad too small and too short. I remember putting away the 3-to-6-months clothes away because she couldn't fit in them and these were cluttering the wardrobe. Now I take out one of those pajamas and it fit her perfectly too.
Baby Xin, somehow, I don't see you growing, I only see the clothes shrinking.

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