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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yuan's 8th Birthday

Due to our extended holiday trip, J and I were not able to take leave for Yuan's birthday.  So we have preempted her and told her that we would celebrate it the next day, which is a Saturday.
Yuan's 8th Birthday Cake
Our little Yuan, she looks small for her age.  Of course she is a year-end baby so she was smaller than her classmates, but she is also smaller than some Std 1 kids.
We had a simple celebration.  Yuan got an unusual present which she liked very much.
Ikea Mala Easel
Ikea doesn't carry this easel anymore.  I bought this online from a 2nd hand shop.  It still looks clean and decent.  And I also bought the Ikea Mala coloured white-board markers.  So Yuan liked this present very much, although I did say it is supposed to be shared with Wei, and the Baby.

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