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Saturday, December 24, 2011


My Baby Xin's nanny is an Indian, so naturally Baby Xin is learning a lot about Indian language and culture.  One of the things that she likes is a pottu on her forehead, which her nanny sometimes put for her as a symbol of protection.
One day while I was working on my laptop, Baby Xin wanted to take off the red tracker ball right in the middle of my keyboard.  The tracker ball cover, had gone missing before, but was always found afterwards and I put it back, so I now realized it was Baby Xin who pulled it off.  I asked her why she wanted it for, and she pointed to her forehead at the space between her eyebrows.  I finally realized that she thought it was a stick-on pottu, and that she wanted to put it on!  This is so funny!


  1. Every time I work on the laptop I have to watch out for the baby trying to take her pottu :)