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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Xin Explains Her Water Antic

I brought a few balloons home for Baby Xin today.  She was playing with them the whole day. Then in the evening, after we have bathed and changed her, she continued playing with a balloon.  While we weren't taking notice, we heard running water sounds coming from the bathroom.  So we went to see, and lo and behold! It was Baby Xin, turning on the bathroom tap (used for filling up pails to mop the floor) and running the water on her balloon.  Of course, in the process, she got herself and her pyjamas all wet too.
When J told her to stop and what a naughty girl she was, Baby Xin went into an instant defense mode.  She came out of the bathroom and held up the balloon for us to see.  She said: "Dirty, dirty, dirty...." while holding the balloon, trying to explain she wasn't really playing with water but was washing the dirty balloon. She looked ready to burst into tears.
So, I calmly told J that I would handle the situation.  I said to Baby Xin: "Oh you were washing the balloon because it was dirty right?"  She affirmed in her "mm" which means yes.  Then I gently told her that she needed to change pyjamas because it was all wet, and led her to do so.
After she changed, I said gently to her that Papa was angry because she played with the water.  Her face turned red and she looked ready to cry again (for real or not), and I quickly said, why don't she go say sorry to Papa. And so, with fresh pyjamas on, she trotted to J and said: "Sorry!" to him.  And J couldn't do anything but smile at her and pick her up for a big hug.

I should have taken a picture of her, all wet.

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