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Sunday, February 19, 2012

12th Anniversary

J lost his ring.  Unbelievable, since he lost it at home, but it has not re-emerged despite us looking high and low for it.  So, as compensation, J got us both 12th anniversary Atlas rings.  Really beautiful.
And as the shop told us they are going to increase price by 28 Feb  (increase 10-15%), I wanted to buy a pair of matching earrings too.  And my dear hubby paid for it too.  Thanks, dear!
But I still hope that the original platinum wedding ring that we bought from Tomei 12 years ago, will be found soon.


  1. talk about ring...i can't remember where's mine! :P I 'wean' it after i gave birth to my eldest, 4yrs ago. haha coz very mafan and when carrying baby scare will scratch her fragile skin. but i still know where i kept the engagement ring lah. at least....hehe.

  2. What, you don't know where you put it since 4 years ago?? Better look for it. I don't have an engagement ring, though. No big solitaire for me.