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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Right, but Not Correct

I really have to share this inspiring story which I heard through one of Ajahn Brahm's CDs.  This is a story he always tells when he is invited to conduct wedding blessings.  This particular story was told when he was in Malaysia.  This story explains very well what it means when "you are right, but not correct."


A husband and wife had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant in KL.  After the dinner, it was a cool night, so they decided to take a stroll through a park and enjoy the evening together.   As they were walking, hand in hand, in harmony, suddenly they heard a sound.
Quack, quack!
The wife said:  Did you hear that, dear?  That was the sound of a chicken.
The husband said:  No, dear, that was not a chicken.  It was a duck.
The wife insisted:  It's a chicken, dear. There! I heard it again.
Husband:  It's a duck!  Chicken don't go "quack quack".
And they went on arguing: Chicken! Duck! Chicken! Duck! Chicken....
until the wife started to get tears in her eyes.
Then the husband, looked at his wife with the tears in her eyes, and remembered why he loved her in the first place.  So, quietly he said: I'm sorry, dear, I was mistaken, it was a chicken after all.
The wife smiled through her tears and said:  Thank you, dear.
And they went on, hand in hand, strolling at the park in peace and harmony and had a wonderful evening.  And the chicken went on calling Quack, quack!

In this instance, the husband was wise, because he remembered there are more important things in life than being right.  He understood priorities.  How many times have you got into an argument with your loved one or family because of some really trivial matter, just like in the story?  When the husband insisted on "Duck!", he was right, but not correct.

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