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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Successful Eye Surgery for Correcting Squints

These past 2 days I was on leave, because yesterday was Yuan's eye surgery.  She had a squint problem in both eyes.  While most are squinting inwards, her squint is outwards.  If we leave the condition for too long, she will have poor eyesight.  After I took her for the eye checkup, the paeds ophthalmologist recommended for surgery, so we chose this May school holidays to do it.
Before surgery
I didn't tell Yuan about this until the day of the surgery because I didn't want her to be afraid.  After Yuan changed into the ward clothes, the anaesthetist came along and explained to her, and she seemed to understand and was very brave about it. Yuan underwent general anesthesia, and the surgery procedure took only half an hour. We went to the eye centre at 9am and checked out at 1.30pm, so it was a hassle free, daycare procedure.
When Yuan came out she was asleep, and upon waking she was fretting because she couldn't open her eyes. But this was already told to her before the surgery, so she calmed down.  As a post-surgery gift, Yuan got a stamp album, something which she has been requesting for a while.  She couldn't see it, but she could touch it and count the pages in it.
Today we went for the post-operative checkup and I was delighted and thankful to hear the doctor said that Yuan is doing very well.  Perfectly straight eyesight, no more squinting upon testing.
For this week, Yuan has to refrain from swimming and avoid getting bath water in her eyes.  Besides that she needs to apply eye shields when she goes to sleep to prevent accidental rubbing of eyes.  We can see that the corners of her eyes are still red from the surgery scars, Yuan calls them vampire eyes.
Now I learnt that all kids before entering primary school, should have a routine eye check up with an ophthalmologist.  Another thing I am thankful about is, when Wei had his eye check up yesterday, he has perfect eyesight!  No problems, despite all the computer games, iPad games, tv etc......


  1. Hi I was googling for squint surgery when I came upon your blog. My daughter has squint and has to go or surgery just like yr daughter. May I know if your daughter's surgery fully corrected her squint? I'm really afraid to send my girl for this surgery. Did Yuan take a long time to recover?

    1. Yuan still needs eye exercises to strengthen the eye muscles, even till now. The doctor said if I had caught the problem when she was younger, she would do much better, but Yuan was nearly 8 years old already then. The recovery from the surgery stitches took about a week or so. If your daughter is young, she might do much better. Do you mind telling me which hospital you are going to?

  2. Thanks for yr reply. With the current exercise does Yuan's eye still squint? I discovered my girl's eye problem when she was 21/2 hrs old. She's now 4. Her doc (dr choong isec) has been recommending surgery but I'm hesitant coz her squint is intermittent. There are days when I hardly notice the squint but there some bad days too. I've read a lot of cases that squint patients normally needs more than one surgery to correct it. May I know which dr did Yuan see?

  3. No more squinting. The exercises are more to let her practice controlling the muscles which had been relaxed for too long. However, because I discovered the problem too late, both eyes developed shortsightedness that is too late to correct, so now Yuan has to wear glasses. Yuan's dr is also Dr Choong.