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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

“You don’t get million dollar ideas from a ten dollar vision”

Continuing about my experience in the Mind Alchemy course from Steven Aitchison, Days 4 & 5 are about creating powerful vision statements.  The key is creating and visualizing outcomes that are absolutely emotional and touches you to the core, so that they are living statements and not just something that you do as homework just to pass the mark.
In the course of creating the vision statements, he asked us to think big.  The phrase "You don't get million dollar ideas from a 10-dollar vision", really struck me.  The exercises on the vision forced me to clear my mind and think about what I really want to achieve in the 8 aspects of my life: health, family, career, money, recreation, personal development, spirituality & outcomes (goals).  In these vision and values, we infuse into them our feelings.  And to make the feelings real, we add pictures.  Here is an sample of my vision for one area.

After this massive exercise, we are to keep all these in a folder and take these visions out and read them and view them and feel them first thing in the morning everyday.

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