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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Perfect Day

Mind Alchemy Day 6 sees us picturing a Perfect Day in our life.  According to Steve Aitchison, our coach for Mind Alchemy, coaches use this to help their clients clarify what they really want out of life.  And after getting a brilliant idea from Marty I decided to re-create my perfect day here.

Waking at 6.30am, I stretch and give a peck on the cheek of my sleeping husband and baby.  All is quiet as I step out to the living room and light a candle for the Buddha image.  I sit and meditate for 30minutes as the first light of day filters through the living room curtains.  I hear birds chirping and still I sit silently, observing my breath.

Then I prepare to go for a swim.  It is cold and I hate the first touch of water, but after a few laps my body temperature adjusts and I swim to my heart's content. I feel fresh and I have a sense of achievement that I have accomplished so much, mind and body, while the world is waking up.

J and the kids wake and we have breakfast together.  The kids lie around the living room on soft bean cushions and read their favorite books. I play with the baby, hold her close and smell her baby scent that I love so much. After that, J and I sit at our laptops and we catch up on work that we love to do: J with his designs, while I blog, read newsletters or plan interior furnishings for one of my properties.  On and off we chat to each other and fill in the details of our lives. 

At midmorning, J and I take the kids out.  We go to the green lungs in the city and have a picnic and a family photography session - to capture a piece of our ordinary daily life, yet can be so extraordinary to us. We take photos of us monkeying around, hiking, climbing, having sandwiches and laughing.  We tell silly jokes and riddles.  We play card games like "Happy Family" and "Donkey".  After a while, we all go to row a boat in the lake.

When we get home, we take a shower and enjoy cool yoghurt drinks.   I read a book on the comfortable sofa, J watches the sports channel, while the children play with their building blocks or Monopoly. We then enjoy a family movie together.

In the evening, we go for a walk while the kids ride their bicycle.  For dinner, we visit our favorite Korean restaurant and have a delicious, healthy meal.  

At night we read bedtime stories together and put the kids to bed. Before J and I retire for the night, we recount our perfect day over hot chocolate and marshmallows.  We give thanks for our wonderful day and hope that tomorrow would be another day of joy.


  1. what a perfect day.. tapi... breakfast tu siapa siapkan? hehehehe

  2. Hey! Thanks for the mention in your blog here. I didn't realize until today that you had done that. Thank you. Just picked up your link from your comment on the coaching page.
    Isn't it great to imagine a good day. I really enjoyed writing mine. I'm glad I inspired you. Inspiring is something I like to do. It motivates me.