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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hurray for Unifi!

After calling TM again to chase for my streamyx application on the Friday of last week, I was told that I had to wait 3 working days before they can give me an answer as they are searching for solutions. So I waited until Wednesday, but still no news from them. So I called them again on Thursday. The response was the same, there are no more ports and I am on waiting list.
My tenants are desperate for internet access, especially the student who has to do assignments. So I asked the TM 100 teleoperator what other alternatives she could suggest, since TM had no idea how long I have to wait. She said there are no suggestions, I can cancel the application if I want.
So I decided to apply from some other service provider. From the email that Anie forwarded to me from the streamyx reseller, I saw that the reseller suggested that there is a new product called Unifi. I did not know what it was or who it was from, so I visited the website.
To my surprise, it is also from TM! This one is using fibre optic cables (unlike streamyx which is using copper optic cables). There are 3 packages, VIP5, 10 or 20. VIP 5 is the cheapest at 5MB, RM149 per month.
This was even better than what my tenants wanted. Initially they wanted me to apply for the 4MB streamyx service, with each of them prepared to fork out RM50 each. And the best part is, the Unifi teleoperator checked that the service is available now at The Domain, and I don't have to wait for ports. Immediately I made an application over the phone, and everything was settled there and then. When she called me back 30 mins later, I've got my telephone number and an appointment for the TM contractors to install next Wednesday morning.
What I don't understand is, doesn't TM streamyx and TM Unifi talk to each other? How dumb can the TM 100 service be, with no alternatives offered at all? Even at TM Point this was never mentioned.
To those of you with internet port problem like me, check out this website: http://www.unifi.my/

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  1. wah.. at last, the problem settled.
    nasib baik mereka sanggup bayar lebih utk unifi.
    TM cust service mmg agak sengal...