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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Unifi - Internet installation completed at The Domain

Wednesday morning, the TM contractors came as promised. The installation took less than 2 hours, the only problem being they had to buy a longer telephone line to connect the modem to the telephone port. The design of the apartment is weird, the telephone port is not located close to the power socket, so you'll either have to extend the telephone line, or use an extension cable for the power supply.
The whole package came with a free cordless phone (Panasonic), a free TV decoder (for internet TV with 21 channels) and a free modem. I checked the tv programs, it has some Australian channels, some Chinese channels, BBC Travel and BBC Life etc. A good free alternative if you do not want to subscribe to cable tv.
Besides that, I also got my free streamyx zone password, now I could use the wireless internet at any streamyx hotspotz.
I tried out the wireless internet on my computer after the installation, it was really fast. The contractors told me that this system is more stable than streamyx. Unifi is a great idea if you don't mind paying more than streamyx.

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