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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Refurbishing my kitchen worktop

After many months of suffering from leaking taps and leaking water from a poorly sealed sink, we finally got our kitchen worktop, and part of the cabinet bottom replaced today.
We were fortunate to be able to find a kitchen cabinet contractor that would even do this refurbishment work, all thanks to the contact of my good blogger friend, Anie.
It took almost 1 month to do the measurement, quotations and preparations, but finally today was the installation.
 The entire length of the worktop was replaced, due to the leakage causing water to seep in and make the kitchen worktop swell.  It also looked dirty and unstable.  Parts of the kitchen cabinet flooring under the sink also rotted.

The replacement took an entire day.  We reused our existing sink but the taps have to be replaced and thoroughly checked by a plumber on another day, in order to let the sealant to dry properly.

This is the result after replacement.

Looks good as new now and we were very happy with the handiwork.

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