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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My New Toy

Finally, after deliberating over many models and types, J bought me this Toshiba Ultrabook from Harvey Norman. I was looking for an affordable laptop below RM2000 for my blogging, options express and iTunes needs and chanced upon the Toshiba brochure for Jan-Feb 2013, where this model, U840 ultrabook is offered, at the right price.
Toshiba Ultrabook
One thing I like about the laptop is its sleek, thin features and light weight (about 1.59kg). And the speakers are great Harman Kardon speakers so that I can really enjoy my music.

And the keyboard is more resilient than the Acer Ultrabook which J is using, where many a times there are "dropped letters" when typing.

Thanks, dear hubby for this laptop! Love it, and hope that this will encourage me to blog often.

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